Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

SACRED HEART MEETING - #151 Sacred Heart Church-Shirley St. and Shirley Park Ave. (upstairs Southwest corner room to your right after entering parking area)
Monday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm OPEN
Tuesday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm Steps and Traditions
Wednesday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm OPEN
Thursday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm OPEN
Friday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm Speakers
Saturday "Keep It Simple"7pm - 8pm Beginners
Business meeting 1st Thursday and anniversary last Thursday of month.
ROAD MEETING - around Nassau
Mt Carey's Union Baptist Church on Fox Hill Rd opposite Step Street
1st Saturday of Month12noon - 1pm OPEN
NPCC "Road Meeting" - Blake Rd and JFK Drive
2nd Saturday of Month12noon - 1pm OPEN
St. Marys Church "Road Meeting" on Virginia Street (near big Hilton Hotel)
3rd Saturday of Month12noon - 1pm OPEN
Church of Resurrection "Road Meeting" - East St and Victoria Blvd
4th Saturday of Month12noon - 1pm OPEN
BASH - Columbus Ave and St Albans Dr, Chippingham
Sunday7pm - 8pm CLOSED
Genesis House Hotline 242-322-2308, NA Hotline 242-802-6262